Live music with an electronic soul

Our line-up

The Prodigy

Ask Siri for the best, hardest, banging beats. And Siri will answer: listen to The Prodigy. These are the godfathers of the big beat rave punk. Britain’s finest in beats.


Eric Prydz


Every venue can point to cracks in the building and tell you when it was that Justice performed and wrecked the place. These French guys blow you away with their relentless clash of different dance styles.


Dave Clarke

Finally there is a new album from one of the most interesting producers and dj’s in our time. The Desecration of Desire is the title of the new Dave Clarke album. It’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s everything what we have been waiting for.



The Slovenian phenomenon Gramatik combines hiphop with low temperatures aka cool music. The man is productive as hell. He just might produce another album in the time you read this.



Never before did so much attendants of a Dutch festival sing in French. But when MHD performed at the Lowlands Festival last summer everybody knew the words. What a party. The king of Afrotrap is learning a whole country to speak and sing French, the most fun way possible.



DJ Set

From the north of the Netherlands to the rest of the world, Noisia is the dominant force behind drum and bass in Holland and far beyond. An inspiration for just about everyone. An institution of quality music, resourcefulness and experience.




No longer in his twenties but just as vital as when he released OK Cowboy. His latest release Voyager showed he still got it all. An electroforce to be reckoned with. Live at We Are Electric.



These two are responsible for the hiphop club bangers in The Netherlands. AlwaysBizzey and Stylez are well known for their sound and ready to be famous for being Equalz.


San Holo

Whether it is his ep’s, his collaborations, his remixes or his dj sets, San Holo is immensely popular. It’s hard to keep up with his stream of high quality releases of trap, future bass and everything far beyond.


Zwart Licht

Zwart Licht used to tear the place apart during their shows. After a four year break they are finally back and ready to rumble. Where hiphop and dance meet an unstoppable energy breaks free.


+ More to be announced!

Stay tuned for much, much more.