Who we are

We are rebellious, we are resourceful
We are the future

We electrify, we shake things up
We take control and re-ignite

We are e, capital e
We are electric!

We believe in the new generation of exciting electronic music acts and powerful stage performances. We want to put the rock in the rave and create a energetic music experience.

By carefully selecting a unique mix of upfront and upcoming dj's and live performances from the forefront of electronic (dance) music and using the huge former Philips (light-bulb) factory as a natural environment and template for this new annual event.

We bring you a suprising cross-over (dance) music festival with a focus on the rebellious side of the electronic spectrum. It will take place in an old historic factory located in the new creative heart (formerly known as the forbidden city) of Eindhoven - "City of light".

Expect an intense and energetic dance night full of driving music and dj performances across 3 different area's, accompanied by high quality lighting and visuals.